Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Do you know, how important is MOBILEGEDDON (mobile-friendly) website affected SEO

"Starting April 21, 2015, Google Search will be expanding its use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in Google Search results. Users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results optimized for their devices. To help you make sure your website is ready for this search change."

(source from Google Support)

MOBILEGEDDON (Mobile-Friendly)

As today online market expanding rapidly, 61% of the internet users who visit a mobile unfriendly site a likely to leave to a competitor's site. 67% of the internet users who visit a mobile-friendly site more likely to buy or use a service. 

Mobile-Friendly Test

Question that frequently asked, will this changes affect my desktop traffic? Of course NO! the changes will only affect mobile searches! So, how to check if your website is mobile-friendly? Well, you may check your website through Mobile-Friendly Test device at Mobile-Friendly Test 

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Obviously, we got the question asked from our friends around "How Does Search Engine Work?", for me, that was a good question, but the truth is, no one know exactly how does the Search Engine work. All SEO Strategies has their own experiences, so might have different advice and opinion from them. But usually things that search engine are likely the Link and Contents...... I might divided it into few section, so that you can absorbed easily.

The Link

It is very usual that we named the search engines as google bot or spiders, or crawler, which they are functioning as crawl the links through the internet, they read through all the web pages, looking for the links to other web pages. As per our understanding, the more links that they could find through the internet, the heavier the page must be. 

Submission site is not necessary if you have enough backlink to your site, because the google bot will follow the link to reach you. Submission site is using for the major search engines when comes to necessary, for example like when you don't have other folks linking to your site.

There are two types of links, Inbound Link (aka BackLink) and Outbound Link. Inbound link, or more favorable called backlink, if referred to WhatIs.com:-

"inbound link is a hyperlink on third-party web page that points to a web page on your site." ~ source from:http://whatis.techtarget.com/definition/inbound-link

Whereas, Outbound links are from you to someone else, just some sort like votes for someone else, but do not too excessive to create the outbound link, otherwise, it might negatively affect your web ranking on search engine. What you needs are arranged voluntarily link to you, but of course it must depends on who you are, and what your site contains, meaning, the outbound links must related to your website contains.

Obviously, people would likely to do exchange link, for example like reciprocal link that we could found during our directory or ads submission, the purpose of exchange link is to link back to your webpage. Thus, the directories are always the first choice to get links to your webpage. 

Another suggestion will be forum as an option. Yes! Forum might also a good option, but do not go round posting random posts like promoting your webpage, because this might considered your link as spamming. Some of the forum allows you to link your site with your signature, make sure you have relevant info and useful content on your site, and link to their relevant discussion board in the forum. For example, if someone enquiry on something or maybe information that you have used, you could post your link to the forum as your answer or feedback.

Too hard? don't know how to create link? No worry, just swing your call to ClickPro Media, they would advice you how to do!

Coming up, we will talk about - CONTENT, stay tune!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Before we move on, before I am talking about my topic today, I hope, everyone know and understand the meaning of PPC (Pay-Per-Click). A simple explanation toward PPC advertising. PPC is the PAID SEARCH campaigns, which ads are purchased on the main search engines, like Google and Yahoo!, basically you would require to pay the click charges that comes through your site.

Compare with the Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the progress will be slower and time consuming in order to build up the reputation and get high ranking on google search engine especially when the google’s algorithms fluctuated rapidly. Thus, for those businesses which very competitive in the specific industry, it may take more or double then time to get the result wanted (First Page Result). Double effort will be expected if you prepare for doing the SEO for your business. Therefore, PPC would be recommended to implement at first for online marketing for instantly.

The strength of PPC was getting result intermediate. In the same meaning, the potential that PPC advertising delivers the targeted traffic is high, but technically know-how to do it properly is the prerequisite. The veteran of marketer could possible make mistakes when they enter into a new market, or start selling a new product with PPC as well. If you are still new to PPC, It would be wisely to hire an expert PPC to monitor your account, due to the reason they have more experiences and knowledge on keywords analysis. Furthermore, they will be having a better knowledge on how to do the marketing goals analysis together with the best strategy to meet your needs and your budget.

Listed below are the reasons why should we hire an PPC management expert:-

1. Keyword Research Isn't Easy 
Keyword research is crucial to your success, and it's something PPC experts spend a lot of time on initially and throughout the PPC process. If you pick the wrong keywords you can quickly exhaust your budget and your campaign will have very poor returns.
There are free keyword tools, such as Google's Keyword Tool, that anyone can use, but the better tools are usually the paid ones.
Paid tools would give you a competitive advantage, but at a price. Some of these tools can cost upward of $100 monthly in addition to your other expenses.
PPC experts don't stop at one of these tools, either. They use multiple data points to form a more complete picture of the sales landscape. 
2. Wrong Ad Copy Could Result in Low Conversion 
One of the greatest strengths a PPC expert has is the ability to perform competitive research. PPC experts understand how to find good copy, they study your competition, and they form ads based on what they know works. That kind of copy isn't something the amateur can do overnight, especially when every word means something. 
The right copy can elevate your campaign's click-through rate and net you more conversions. Do you really want to take a chance on writing the wrong copy? 
Bad copy that does not convey the right message, and is only trying to get you more traffic, may result in low conversion, meaning you just wasted lots of money. 
3. Tracking Requires Technical Expertise 
The foundation of any good PPC program is its ability to track not only sales, but where those sales are coming from. Good analysis can show you which placements and keywords are likely to bring you the most conversions. 
In addition, tagging your campaigns allows you to see which ones are most effective. Tracking code installation requires at least some basic HTML knowledge, so if you have no such knowledge then you better leave this to the experts or you may have to pay your webmaster to install it for you. If you would like to track your leads/sales from phone calls, that would require additional set up and expertise. 
4. Do You Understand All the PPC Terminology? 
You may know what PPC stands for, but do you know what all these mean: CPM, CPC, CPA? Give up? 
What about the difference between Impressions, Views, and Hits? Do you know what retargeting is? 
Understanding these terms is extremely important in the day-to-day management of your campaigns. Until you're familiar with all these (and several more terms not even mentioned here), then you aren't ready to manage your own paid search campaigns. 
5. Campaign Settings Can Be Confusing 
There are several potential settings you must adjust in order to get optimum exposure for your campaigns. For example, geographic settings can help you target a specific part of the country. 
Should you target locally, statewide, nationally, or worldwide? Should you set up different ad groups for each? Should you opt-in to partner/affiliate networks and if so should you bid the same as the search network? If you choose the partner networks, should you filter out some specific sites? 
Without a clear understanding of these settings, and how they may benefit you, you might be paying too much for the same traffic that a similar marketer pays pennies on the dollar for. Without expert advice or some experience, you would never know.
6. Do You Know What a Good Landing Page Looks Like? 
Relevance isn't just an SEO term, it's important in PPC marketing, too. The less relevant your landing page, the more money you're spending on conversions. PPC experts understand not only the principles of landing page design, but also how to test those principles.
A/B testing is a tactic PPC experts use to compare different landing pages and improve conversions. That testing can mean the difference between a 1 percent and 5 percent conversion rate. A good analyst will also have familiarity and access to third-party A/B testing software.
7. Prior Experience With Similar Clients 
Often times a PPC expert may have worked with other clients in your industry and have competitive knowledge he can apply to your account, which would save you thousands of dollars. In paid search it's beneficial to hire a person or a company that has worked with one or more of your competitors before. 
Most paid search companies probably won't take on direct competitors as clients at the same time – if they do, then that's probably not a good idea – but if they have worked with your competitors or similar companies previously, then that would be a plus. 
8. Is There Click Fraud Going On? 
If you're a beginner, then you probably wouldn't know how to monitor for click fraud. You should expect that there is always going to be click fraud. There may even be some auto-generated clicks to your ads that have nothing to do with click fraud, but may be a bot trying to spider your site for whatever reason. 
You need to be able to watch your stats and log files for suspicious activity and when you feel there is click fraud going on, you can report to the search engine and request a refund. Although search engines try to block click fraud, from time to time they will do audits and may give you refunds months later, but this is not to your benefit. 
You need to take control of this aspect. If you aren't an analytical person or don't have some technical expertise in this area, then it's best to leave it to the experts.
9. Keeping Up With the Latest Changes 
All good online marketers stay up to date with the latest trends by reading online news, journals, and/or forums. They may also attend industry trade shows several times annually or attend networking events, and will also have a few friends and peers they could reach out to for expert advice or comparing notes on the latest trends.
If you don't think you can do all these things, then it is best to hire an expert.
10. Do You Really Have the Time? 
If you're a business owner, you're probably busy with hundreds of other tasks daily. Do you really have the time to manage your own PPC account and give it the attention that it deserves? 
Many marketers approach PPC with the attitude that it's less complicated, or somehow easier than SEO. The reality is that PPC costs you money every time you use it. 
With PPC rates skyrocketing, most companies don't even see returns right away and have to count on repeat customers or referrals. So every little factor that can improve your ROI would be beneficial to your bottom line.

As conclusion, inexperience on PPC campaign might cause money consuming with earning no result on it. It would be better if you hire a PPC professional to guide and help you handle on the account unless you attempted on the PPC campaign and earn the experience from there before and gain successful result.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Many people’s questioning, how to write a quality or unique content for SEO? First of all, I would like to rectify this matter, many people have a misunderstanding, "WRITING CONTENT FOR SEO", and instead it was so wrong. The content was mentioned, is actually writing text that readable by human, but neither for SEO, nor GoogleBot too. 

So, what do we need to do? Before we start writing up our new content, you will need to choose the keywords that you desire. Make it appear on your title; insert them in your meta-tags and within the content of your post. But always bear in mind, do not over use keywords on your content. Do not purposely create a content which is unreadable by human, write content which are fresh yet unique. Keep it short, about 300-1500 words, and to the point.

What should we write for the content? Great question! Be frankly said, not many people can always produce unique content, but if you asked for my advice, there are 3 ways technique that I used to do:

- Testimonial or Experiences
- Foreseen or New Insight
- Humour Content or Gag

Testimonial or Experiences

Either from client's testimonial or feedback just do sharing with your experiences! For me, it was unique enough to writing compelling copy. Write with your feel, explain why you feel these figures are so important, and what make you believe they mean, give your golden opinions, even if they are contrary to the popular beliefs on the subject. No worry, if some disagreements happen, that will start the debate and get your comments section buzzing!

Foreseen or New Insight

Have foreseen or new insight to your business, products, and industries. if you genuinely enough to say about these topic that no one has ever mention before, congratulation! You gotta golden token! Be it new facts, or just a new perspective. This kind of article will naturally make your article unique, and will attract people who are interested in the subject want to read it.

Humour Content or Gag

Find an interesting gag take on a topic, although this is not the best way, but at least it did help to attract people to read on your article, and make your article exclusively unique!

Sometime, you may also want to add links to your article, remember, avoid just saying "Click here for more". Adding back links from credible website that you used as a source is important as it builds trust and credibility with your reders about the information you are sharing. If you have insert images on your article, please don't forget to optimize your images with relevant keywords to name your image files or graphics. Make the image size as small as possible, as the loading time of images can have great impact on your SEO too.

When all has done, please proofreading your entire article or having another set of eyes review it prior to submission. A family member or friend can often times offer a different perspective and can help you notice spelling and grammar errors that you were unable to see. Imagine if you are relying on keywords to help you be more searchable and you misspell those keywords, then all your hard work becomes futile. If English is not your primary language, we strongly suggest that you have articles proof-read prior to submission by someone who has English as their native language.

Picture picked from Clickpro Media Sdn. Bhd.

My conclusion is, writing a fresh yet unique content, is not that hard nor easy. But somehow writing a fresh and unique content is time consuming. My advice, if you are serious about SEO, yet you have so little time to preparing your content, it would be wise to spend a little money and hire an SEO Specialist to do for you.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Before we come to the topic, first we need to understand what is SEO all about. The name of SEO commonly described as Search Engine Optimization, but please don't confuse yourself, this "Engine" is not the machine designed to convert energy into useful mechanical motion. Instead, the "Engine" mentioned, is a software system that is designed to search for information on the World Wide Web. SEO is the process of designing and developing a website to attend a high rank in search engine results.

How does SEO work?

Conceptually, there are 2 ways of doing SEO, On-Page Optimization, and Off-Page Optimization.

On-Page Optimization
More towards on the website contents itself, providing the good content and good keywords selection, insert keywords on correct places, and giving appropriate title to every page.

Off-Page Optimization
A job outside of the website, daily task like blogging, guest commenting, link building etc., to increasing link popularity by submitting in open directories, search engine, link exchange, bookmark, etc.

Content is the King
When it come to mentioned "CONTENT", the TEXT is involved. Content is basically includes what you see on the website, the text, graphic, even link to outside world. Content is the technique of writing the view-able text on a webpage in such a way that it reads well for the readers, and also targets specific search terms, and to help rank highly in the search engines for the targeted search terms.

You may have done many of search on how to make your site search engine friendly before, but ultimately, one rule stands above the rest: Content is King. But I will say this rule is past now and I would like to say Unique, high-quality, unduplicated content is the King. Search Engine prefer good quality sites in their index and search results. 

Creating, Editing, and Promoting unique and high-quality contents is difficult and time consuming. But in the end Golden rule of SEO is that Content is the King. And, if you are serious about SEO, and you are not getting expected result, it would be wise to hire an SEO Specialist.

Next topic - SEO Content Writing (Copy Writing)

Monday, January 5, 2015


Before the Internet was used in advertising, most companies used various tactics in their advertisements to attract prospect via print newspaper, magazine, phone-book ads, radio, television, and even some other forms of digital. All of these methods are used in traditional advertising models. Nonetheless, when today ask, how do you going to advertise your interest? almost 85% is telling you - Pay-Per-Click (PPC).

Why everyone move ahead to PPC as their primary advertising tool? Simple, simply because PPC advertising allows puts you in control of your promotional efforts. Whether it is Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, or other online resources, you are able to maximize the effectiveness or your advertising campaign while working within your budget. 

Compared to traditional advertising, traditional advertising require you to pay up-front for ads and services, and there is no way of knowing if your ad is effective or target audience reach? With PPC distribute your advertisement to a targeted audience and you will only pay when action is taken, you are able to target specific audience. "Based upon the advertising channel, targeted advertising can use keywords, geographic location, budget, time of day, gender, user preferences, mobile, etc."

What other benefits of PPC?

Immediate impact - PPC advertising allows you to get in front of your target audience virtually immediately. Once your advertisement is prepared and approved, your advertising campaign begins and is displayed according to your selected preferences.
Measurable - You are able to measure the effectiveness or your PPC campaign. From impressions to clicks to conversions, you are able to evaluate how your advertising campaign is performing.
Adjustable - Components of your advertising campaigns can be adjusted as necessary to achieve maximum effectiveness.
Affordable - You are in control of the cost of your advertising campaign. From Cost-Per-Click (CPC) to daily budget, you set the limits that are in the best interest of your business.

PPC advertising allows you to control and monitor a variety of variables enabling you to maximize the effectiveness or your advertising campaign while managing your budget. Which means, the traditional advertising is going to dying a slow, painful and very public death, and most marketer don't realize it. 

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Google AdWords, the Yahoo! Bing Network, and Facebook Advertising have revolutionized Lead Generation, Online Sales, and Corporate Branding. It no longer matters if you’re a Fortune 500 company or a small start-up; the playing field is completely level.

All PPC Paid Search accounts are opened in the name of the client and remain in the client’s control at all times. All work completed by OurPPC belongs to the client. - Click HERE to read more.

Thursday, December 25, 2014


Couple of years ago, search engine optimization was something that marketers let the webmasters handle. Many commercial websites tend to be very static. There’s not much need to update product or contact information more than a couple of times a month. This paucity of new content is very bad for SEO, though. Search engines are looking for active websites on a particular topic. If you’re a landscaper, for example, a static listing of your services will penalize your website in the rankings.

Google is busybody, Google loves your content~

This is why blogging is more important than ever. Why are blogs so important for SEO? Simple, it is because, content is KING, and Google loves content, Google like to see what you write or describe about your industries, Google like to know what your industries all about, and what makes distributing updated content easy and effective? Thus, continuous writing content, is very important for every SEOer.

Blogs. As an easy to use content management system (CMS), blogs allow everyday individuals to post content about their industry and area of expertise, without having to know how to code web pages. Implementing a blog onto your website instantly gives your website the ability to rapidly grow in size and content.

Every site we work with will include blog functionality. Sometimes we don’t call it a blog, but may title it a ‘Reference Center’, ‘Industry Updates’ or some other phrase that fits your site’s look and feel, but the concept is the same, a blog CMS infrastructure needs to be added to each site. 

We make this easy, by including it right with your site, with your look and feel. Then, we can create content and consistently post it ourselves, or teach you how to do the same. As long as Google is getting fresh, consistent and updated industry specific content, then with time, your site will start to get better rankings.